Parker Mountain Machine Comp 19x

Shooting at night is an awesome way to learn your firearms signature. During the day it's hard to see what size flash your muzzle or suppressor will make. Test your gear during the day, at night and in strange angle's or confined spaces. The giant blast may make you shoot faster at times but when you can't see or its spitting piles of dirt in your face you may regret that decision. Make sure you weigh the risks against the rewards and what your mission need to achieve what's desired. 
Pictured here is a Glock 19x with a Parker mountain machine comp. It's certainly a cool looking fireball that comes out. I have a few different angles that show the strange pattern made by the compensator and its quite fascinating. I highly recommend training while being filmed even if it's just a phone camera. I now know what the flash looks like when shooting and how it affects my field of view if at all. 

I've been behind many of the comps offered by various companies and this is definitely the one I recommend. Mounts like a standard rifle muzzle device, no screws to come loose, just some shims and rockset. Though it is to be noted that not all threaded barrels are cut to the same length, so be sure to visit the website to ensure proper fitment for that clean look. I'm using the Victory First threaded 19 barrel with great fitment also linked below. Review on this barrel is coming soon!


Parker Mountain Machine Gen5 Comp

Victory First Threaded Glock 19 Barrel


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